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Ultralearning - Take control of your learning

I recently read the book Ultralearning by Scott H Young and started applying the techniques I learned to my own learning. I created a template that I started applying to all my new learning projects. The results were amazing. My learning is now more focused and more organized. Wanna know more about my Ultralearning template? Keep reading 😀

What is Ultralearning?

Ultralearning is a strategy for aggressive, self-directed learning.

It's a strategy — meaning a choice about how to pursue learning to get results.

It's aggressive — meaning aimed at doing what works, even if it's a little harder or intense.

It's self-directed — meaning you're the one in control. --Scott H Young

Ultralearning Project Template

Start an Ultralearning Project:

  1. Choose an Ultralearning project
  2. Make a metalearning map
  3. Design drills
  4. Overlearn

1. 🎯 Choose an Ultralearning project:

My project: "My Project Name"

Goal/Target State: "At the end of my ultralearning project I'll be an expert in xyz skill "

2. 🌐 Make an metalearning map

  • Concepts
  • Facts
  • Procedures
What concepts do I need to understand?
What facts do I need to memorize?
What procedures do I need to practice?

3. 💪 Design Drills

Drill: 1
Drill: 2
Drill: 3

4. 🏋️ Overlearning

  • What's my target performance, and what's the next level?
  • Work for the next level